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About Go Play Golf

Fairway Rewards is a golf marketing company. One of the ways that we help courses increase revenue is through our Go Play Golf gift cards. The Go Play Golf Card™ is a gift card that is given to a loved one, a coworker, a friend, or received as an incentive through work. We distribute these cards though retail, large corporations, and loyalty programs; such as airlines. How we got started.

In 2007, with the help of several board members and golf industry professionals, Ms. Abels started Fairway Rewards to extend the benefits of her exciting promotional programs to clients nationwide. Program benefits included:

  • Golf loyalty programs for member golf courses
  • Incentive programs and gift cards for individual member courses
  • Website utilization
  • Course promotion with state departments of tourism
  • Group discounts (for insurance and credit card processing)

The latest addition to our product line is the Go Play Golf Gift Card™, launched in fall 2009. The cards, available in increments of $25-$500 are redeemable at over 4000 quality golf courses nationwide - and the list is growing fast. We guarantee we can find and book a course convenient and enjoyable to everyone.

The company is led by experienced golf industry specialists, with the goal of providing paid golf course green fees to a wider audience than ever before. We are passionate about golf and the golf courses we work with, and we want you to experience what we know: that golf is a game for a lifetime!

From simple online booking at local courses to planning a luxury resort holiday with our personalized concierge service, Go Play Golf gift cards™ puts the ideal golfing experience within putting range.


Go Play Golf Card

Introducing the first credit card earning points for FREE Golf Works like an airline card credit card, but designed for golfers who favorite reward is FREE Golf.

Earn Points for FREE Golf!

Coming in December

Golf Lessons

Golf Lessons

Take the "scary" out of your golf swing! Golf...a game for a lifetime. Take the opportunity of improving your game by redeeming your Fairway Rewards Card for golf lessons at most golf courses.  Click Here to Learn More

Golf Travel

Golf Travel

One of the greatest vacations you can take is a tour of some of the countries best golf courses! We will be highlighting some of the best golf travel destinations. Keep checking back for more articles and information about Golf Travel!  Read More Now...