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We welcome you to spend the day at a private country club. You can experience the ambiance that is usually reserved for members only. Enjoy not only the pristine golf course, but also the complimentary use of the practice facilities and dine in their upscale restaurant. You will certainly enjoy everything these facilities have to offer as you become a member for the day! Our partners at Boxgroove will walk you through the process of requesting a tee time and providing you with everything you need to know to have a pleasant and memorable experience. Click here to learn more.

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DragonRidge Golf & Country Club

Standard Partner Course

Please do not call DragonRidge Golf & Country Club. They prefer to be contacted through Boxgroove. If you have questions or need help with DragonRidge Golf & Country Club, please use one of the following customer service methods:
Email Customer Service: Hours: 6AM EST- 12PM EST Email:
Phone Customer Service Hours: M-F 9AM EST - 5:30PM EST Phone: (614) 783-8620 Phone: (614) 361-2016
552 S Stephanie St
Henderson, NV 89012
Partner Course

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