Become an Affiliate Course

Join Go Play Golf as an affiliate course by completing the onboarding agreement on this page.  Your golf course will be tapped into the $125 billion dollar a year gift card industry.  Go Play Golf markets and sells the Go Play Golf gift card in more than 10,000 retail outlets and through employee and incentive programs in Fortune 500 companies across the United States.

We authorize Go Play Golf, LLC (GPG) to book and pay for golf and/or lessons at our golf facility(ies). GPG will only quote rates listed on the golf course’s website or through direct communication with the golf shop staff. Golf course agrees to accept payment through the GPG corporate credit card that can be encrypted and embedded in the POS system; via a credit card authorization form (CCA); verbally over the phone; or via the GPG online virtual terminal. The gift card commission listed below is computed only on the amount of the gift card value redeemed.

Example – 15% commission:
1 Player: $50 GPG card paying for a $50 green fee; commission is $7.50(15% of $50 green fee).
3 Players: $50 GPG card paying for $150 in green fees; commission is $7.50 (5% of $150 green fee). **Commission is only on the value of the Go Play Golf Gift Card redeemed.**

GPG will bill the golf course quarterly. Either party may cancel the agreement with ten (10) days’ notice however, golf course agrees to honor any GPG rounds on the books at the time of cancellation

Commission: 0% for initial 6 months, 15% (of card value only) thereafter

By clicking Sign Up, you have read and agree to the above terms.

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Golf Vacations

You are leaving the Go Play Golf website and are being taken to the website of our Golf Travel Partner Golf ZOO. Search their website for existing offers, create a travel plan of your own or call one of the golf vacation specialists for advice. Just mention that you wish to use your Go Play Golf gift card for all or part of your payment. Safe travels and enjoy your golf vacation!


Rapid Redeem

You are leaving the Go Play Golf website to our partner website powered by Golf Switch, where a limited number of tee times are made available daily for direct purchase. (Note: All purchases require full payment at time of booking.) To redeem your card directly online, simply 1. Create an account (required for first visit only) Look for the green “Sign In” Button in the Top Right of the website. 2. View the selected tee times in your area and select a time for play. 3. At checkout you will be able to enter your card number as a form of payment. No phone calls, no fees, just golf—-have a great round! Note: Should you wish to redeem multiple cards through this experience, please email to combine the amounts onto a single card before redemption.