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Make golf more enjoyable and play your best. Explore Pinned products and start elevating your game today! From the nine beautiful colors to one of a kind features to countless five star reviews, The Prism rangefinder is the best looking and most feature packed golf rangefinder on the course! The Prism combines our most advanced software, top tier materials and a jaw dropping display to allow you to be dialed in on every round.

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“We believe that life should be fun, and golf should be no different. Our mission is simple: to make golf more enjoyable by helping you play better. When you’re having fun out on the course, it’s not just your game that gets a boost – it’s your whole life! When you’re buying Pinned, you’re choosing to make every swing, every round, and every moment on the course an absolute blast!”

-The Three Golf Guys behind the Pinned Brand

Top Three Reasons You Need A Rangefinder

A golf rangefinder is an essential part of your golf bag if you want to lower your scores. We take a look at the top three reasons you need one this season:


No More Guessing

We all have that one friend who thinks they know how far the flag is every time, just by looking at it. But, let’s face it, how many times are they actually correct? When you own a rangefinder, you can stop relying on your friend for their guesstimate yardages and quickly get exact distances that are down to the decimal. Knowing how far you are away from a given target will help shave strokes off your score immediately!


Helps With Club Selection

You think you hit an 8 iron 160 yards but aren’t 100% certain. Why don’t you know for certain? Because when you were at the range hitting balls aimlessly at flags randomly placed in front of you, the sign said the red one you were aiming at was 165 yards away. But what that sign didn’t tell you was the tees were actually moved forward due to ground repair and the red flag is actually only playing 148. So, if you didn’t take out your rangefinder to double check, you would have used your 8 iron and ended up way short.


Speeds Up The Game

No more walking off distances or going back and forth with your friend about his guesstimated distance. Both take up precious time in between shots and the last thing you want to do is hold up the group behind you because you are arguing over the fact you think the distance is 175 and your friend thinks it’s 165. A rangefinder will eliminate any of this and get you the exact distance in under a second.

Convert Your Card to a Pinned Gift Card!

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